Call for Music

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ISMIR 2021 invites submissions of music works for the concert program during the conference week. Like the conference, the concert will be held as an online format. The call is open to all composers, technologists, and performers for inclusion in the conference’s concert program.


This year, music from any genre and in any formats is invited for submission. However, to make it a good fit for an online format and make it more interesting, we propose three themes that participants are encouraged to explore:

  • Networked Ensemble. Participants form teams to record ensemble performances to submit. Performers in different locations can pre-record each track and assemble it with others’ tracks by post editing, to perform as if the performances were played at the same time.
  • Live Performance. Participants can also select to do a live performance using specialized audio streaming software (like Jacktrip, Soundjack, or Jamulus) providing the audio to a multiple screen chat application like Zoom. Arrangements with the music program chairs should be done in advance for this to happen.
  • Creative Visuals for Music. Participants are encouraged to apply creative visual effects to accompany music. This includes but is not limited to AI-powered visual effects (e.g., facial distortion, video filtering) synced with music contents, animations or fictions, body performances, etc.


The concert will be held in different sessions as live online streamings. Live comments will be enabled to encourage interactions. For broadcast of pre-recorded videos, performers are expected to be present to interact with audiences in the live chat window.

Submission Guidelines

The submission of music works should consist of:

  • A submission proposal with description of the performance.
  • Video/audio performance of the piece, as .mp4, .mov, .wav, .aif, .flac format (<100MB) or an online link.
    • For non-live performance, the video file will be broadcast during the online concert.
    • For live performance, please submit a video/audio of a previous performance along with descriptions of implementation details of the live streaming.

After notice of acceptance, for non-live performances participants have a chance to further edit the video file to make a performance-ready submission. The video should be self-explanatory with some post-processed titles and subtitles, since there will be no commenter during the broadcast. Original audio submissions should be converted to video format with a visual component even if it is the title of the piece showing throughout.

Only one submission per participant will be accepted. Pieces have to be shorter than 10 minutes.

The submission is not anonymous. The proposals and video performances will be submitted through the CMT system for a light review. There is no guarantee that all submissions will be accepted for the program. Please note the submission proposal is for informative purposes for the selection and will not be included in the conference proceedings.

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: Sept 8th
  • Notification of acceptance: Oct 10th
  • Performance-ready submission deadline: Oct 24th


Questions can be directed to